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Trained as a professional printmaker and painter, I work daily in my studio. I held a number of solo art exhibitions and participated in group art exhibitions and competitions throughout the United States and overseas.

I have traveled extensively in the United States, where I studied art and exhibited my artwork, and overseas. I belong to different international artist organizations where I met artists of different nationalities.

I was introduced to Digital Fine Art by Dorothy Simpson Krause and Bonny Lothka at the Macworld Convention in Boston. I was amazed by the unlimited possibilities this medium is able to provide me with and assist me in the creation of my art work. I either combine this with the traditional techniques, or use it on its own.

After taking many courses at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, some with Dorothy Simpson Krause, I have been working extensively with this medium.

I have attended the Siggraph and Seybold Computer Seminars in Los Angeles and Boston and participating in various workshops to learn the newest techniques, software, archival papers and inks as well as the latest in printers.


Nature is available to us freely, and gives us life and the most wonderful experiences just by watching and feeling her during the different hours of the day. A sunset, a sunrise, the waves and the endless horizon of the sea, water running over rocks in a river, the foliage of trees, the diversity of beautiful, endless colored flowers, the majestic peaks of the mountains, the universal forms of the clouds in a blue sky, the feeling of the rain and the wind in our faces, and much more.

I create art to express with forms and colors how important it is to keep nature as intact as we can, to be able to breathe pure air, drink clean water, and leave a safe place for our children to live and enjoy without destroying it.

Digital art gives me the opportunity to combine photographs of nature with digital tools and colors to express my thoughts deeply and to communicate them vividly to the rest of the world without any limitations. I also create my paintings in other media such as acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, and collage, inspired by the texture and colors found in nature applying pigment on the white Arches paper or canvas while listening to classical music and moving my hands with the music. I really love it.

In some of my art exhibits the concept was about the destruction of nature by us human beings.


Bachelor of Arts (with honors) from Northwestern State University from Natchitoches, LA.

Printmaking at Complutense University in Madrid, Spain and American University in Washington, D.C.

Additional courses in Painting, Drawing, Printmaking and Computer Art from Museum of Fine Arts School and Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. MA.
Computer Art courses at the University of California in San Diego during Spring 2001.

I have attended many Art Workshops given by professionals in Traditional Art and Digital Art in various locations around the world.


Group exhibitions:

  • Museo Alberto Mena Caamaño, Mariano Aguilera . Quito, Ecuador.
  • Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA.
  • Printmakers Association. Quito, Ecuador.
  • La Posada de Kingman. A.G.E., Quito, Ecuador
  • Natchitoches Art Gallery. Natchitoches, LA. Annual Competition. Received "Second Place" award
  • Louisiana State Archives Gallery. Baton Rouge, LA
  • Tom Peyton Memorial Art Gallery. Alexandria, LA. Received Award.
  • Northwestern State University Gallery. Natchitoches, LA. Received "First Place Award".
  • Northwestern State University Gallery. "Best of Show" Award and "First Place"Award.
  • Melrose Gallery. Natchitoches, LA. First Place Award and Best of Show.
  • American State University. Washington, D.C.
  • Abu Dhabi Cultural Center Gallery. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. "International Art Club Exhibition".
  • Abu Dhabi Cultural Center Gallery. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. "Ladies Art Ehibition".
  • Abu Dhabi Cultural Center Gallery. "Emirates Art Exhibition".
  • Nicholls State University Gallery, Thibodaux, LA.
  • Morgan City Gallery, Morgan City, LA. "Annual Artists Show". Received an Honorable Mention.



  • Sala de Arte Contemporáneo, Quito, Ecuador
  • Centro Cultural "Benjamin Carrion". Quito Ecuador
  • Casa de Cuenca, Quito Ecuador
  • Northwestern State University Gallery. Natchitoches, LA.
  • Embassy of Ecuador. Washington, D.C.

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